Great Fear

Series: The Book of Acts

October 16, 2022 | Paul Joslin

Acts chapter 5 begins the stories of persecution of the church. Luke tells us that the Saducees and Pharisees—the religious and political leaders of their day were jealous of the successful ministry the Apostles were having and sought to persecute them.

Like the disciples, we ought to see how the cultural challenges that lie ahead are not obstacles that hinder us, but avenues for our faith to shine brighter. Suffering is something that can produce endurance and strengthen our hope in God.


  • “Since the states authority has been delegated by God, we are to submit right up to the point where disobedience to the state would involve disobedience to God. At that point it is our Christian duty to disobey the state in order to obey God.” John Stott
  • “The idea that the current moment means we should jettison biblical traits like kindness, gentleness, unity, lack of quarrelsomeness, etc. Is foreign to a New Testament written predominantly by men about to killed for their faith to people about to be killed for their faith.” Daniel Darling
  • “Historically, Christians have most influenced society not as culture warriors but as a praying, worshiping, giving, neighbor-loving minority. If given the opportunity would we return to that, or are partisanism and power now preferred as lord and savior.” Scott Sauls

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