Waterstone Preschool provides a licensed, high quality, faith-based program in a safe, fun, and loving environment for children 1-year-old through Junior Kindergarten.

Registration for the 2021/2022 school year begins January 25 for currently enrolled families. Open enrollment begins on February 1.


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Waterstone Preschool has far exceeded all of my expectations of a wonderful preschool. The space is beautiful, the people are genuinely kind and loving, and the focus on learning is incredible. If you are looking for a positive-thriving environment for your little one, this is it!


As a mother, it was a hard decision choosing the right preschool. I want the very best for my daughters and an environment where they are safe, loved, learning, able to worship Jesus, and be themselves.

Waterstone has all of this and more. It is a true family and the teachers and staff care so deeply about the children. My eldest moved into kindergarten this year and is flourishing because of the education she received at Waterstone Preschool. My youngest started at Waterstone this year and is having the same wonderful experience her sister did.

My most favorite thing they do here is get together as a staff and pray each week. They also have Wee Worship once a month for the kids. I love the faith-centered atmosphere and it shows in my children every day.


Waterstone Preschool participates in outreach projects to align with the three rhythms of Neighboring, Restoration and Transformation that Waterstone Community Church values. When our teachers, students and families get involved in outreach, we impact our community. When we get into the rhythm of helping others we change the people we help (neighboring), the community we live in (restore), and our own hearts (transform). Our outreach projects vary from year to year.

Family Engagement

Being in relationship with parents, and parents having relationships with others is of high value at Waterstone Preschool. Therefore, we provide many opportunities throughout the school year for parents to participate in parenting classes, social events and at-home learning activities.



Or call Anne Yost, Preschool Director at 303.972.2200 x119