Series: The Book of Acts

October 09, 2022 | Larry Renoe

The Church is bold in proclaiming the Jesus Story, even in the face of opposition because we are motivated by Jesus’ sovereignty and by his Spirit. The Church cannot keep quiet about Jesus, because if we believe what we believe it is life changing.


  •  “If civilization is to be saved,” and then he says, “Every civilization is like a billow of smoke in the wind.  If we are to be saved, it will not be by Romans.  It will be by saints.” Thomas Cahill, How the Irish Saved Civilization
  • “We should resist, on the one hand, the cheap-and-chattering atheism that denies all divine action in the world, and on the other the tidy-minded theologians who allow God to act in the world but only if he does so in democratic egalitarian fashion, the same across the board.”

  • “As you have made a pretty considerable progress in the mysteries of electricity, I would now humbly recommend to your diligent unprejudiced pursuit and study the mysteries of the new birth… One at whose bar we are shortly to appear, hath solemnly declared, that without it, ‘we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” – George Whitefield quoted in Thomas S Kidd, George Whitefield: America’s Spiritual Founding Father, 210
  • “Lord, give me firmness without hardness; steadfastness without dogmatism; love without weakness.” – Jim Elliot, Through Gates of Splendor
  • “There is nothing chillier than a Christian who is not trying to save others.” – John of Chrysostom, 390 AD quoted in J.N.D. Kelly, Golden Mouth, 85

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