Ascension Power

Series: The Book of Acts

February 12, 2023 | Larry Renoe

Passage: Acts 16:16-40

Every day is Ascension Day. In Acts 16 we see that the story of Jesus was drawing the attention of all kinds of people. The gospel transcended racial, economic, and religious differences. Jesus was worthy enough for Lydia; strong enough for the slave girl; forgiving enough for jailer. Could he have what you need?


  • "Ascension" image - Photo by Nheyob, Saint James the Greater Catholic Church (Concord, North Carolina), courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
  • “[In the story of the church] Ascension is the opening scene that establishes the context for everything that follows: Jesus installed in a position of absolute rule: Christ our King. All men and women live under the rule of Jesus. This rule trumps all other thrones and principalities and powers.” – Eugene Peterson, Practice Resurrection, 43.
  • Just as I Am, Without One Plea, Confession song, by Charlotte Elliott

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