Wednesdays at Waterstone 

5:45-8pm | beginning JANUARY 24

"One of the great temptations of the spiritual life is to believe that if I were in another season of life, I could be more spiritual. The truth is that spiritual transformation takes place as we embrace the challenges and opportunities associated with each season of our life." - Ruth Haley Barton

This season, join Waterstone as we focus on living and loving like Jesus. By gathering together on Wednesdays we aim to grow as disciples, connect with one another, and share the way of Jesus with our neighbors. 

We believe many of us are hungry for a deeper level of discipleship in our lives—we’re hungry for more Jesus and more growth.

WHat is discipleship at Waterstone?

Becoming a disciple of Jesus

  • Following Jesus is reorienting our lives around the idea of becoming more like him. As we explore, experience, and encounter the person of Jesus Christ, he shapes, molds and transforms us more into his person and his likeness so that we can follow him into the world with his love.

Commit to a class each semester

  • Waterstone will offer a core class and an elective each semester, so we encourage you to sign-up for the class that fits your discipleship need for your current season of life.

Classes for everyone

  • On Wednesdays there will be a learning opportunity for each age group. Kids in elementary and younger need to be registered ahead of time and commit to the semester alongside adults so that we can properly prepare class materials and leaders.


CLASSES for Fall 2023


Understanding the Bible

At one point or another, most of us have struggled with reading our Bible. The struggle to read our Bible is more than not being able to find the time to read it. Sometimes, even when we make the time, the Bible itself feels complicated. What is the Bible?  Where did it come from? How should we read it? What is it all about? And, what do we do when the Bible gets weird? In this course, we will examine these questions and more as we look at this ancient, beautiful book and learn how to understand the Bible.

Wednesday nights, September 20 - November 8, 6:30-8pm

Cost: $75 per adult, includes weekly dinner, Kids Discipleship, and class materials


Overcome is a group experience for anyone pursuing mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Under the guidance of trained facilitators, group members meet weekly in a small group setting that emphasizes safety and respect while exploring biblical truths about hope in the midst of suffering.

Wednesday nights, September 20 - November 8, 6:30-8pm

Cost: $75 per adult, includes weekly dinner, Kids Discipleship, and class materials


Sign-up for Wednesdays at Waterstone begins January 1, 2024. Classes begin on Wednesday, January 24, 2024. 


What can I expect on Wednesdays?

Evening Breakdown:

  • 5:45pm - Dinner (pizza and salad)
  • 6:30pm - Classes begin



  • 6:25pm - Parents, drop off kids and students
  • 8pm - Pick up kids (Birth-4th grade)
  • 8:30pm - Pick up students (5th-12th)

Are the discipleship classes available online?

  • We believe in the power and growth that comes from gathering in person, so classes will not be offered online and we encourage you to come to be a part of Wednesdays at Waterstone! 

What about Small Groups? Should I attend a class too?

  • New to Small Groups: Here at Waterstone we intend to offer small groups primarily as places of community and connection. These groups will also facilitate discussions about weekend sermons, or alternative curriculum, and will be open to you if you would like to join a new community. Reach out to Rachel Pyburn to be connected this fall. 
  • Current Small Groups: If you are in a current small group, reach out to your small group leader as your group may choose to attend discipleship class together. If this is the case, we would encourage you to find additional opportunities where you can meet up and connect as a community throughout the semester.



Contact Paul Joslin for more information.