Colorado Hosting Asylum Network (CHAN)

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The process of asylum in the United States is long and difficult. From the time they file an application with immigration court, it will take 2-3 years for them to make their final appearance before the judge, who will decide whether to grant protection or remove them from the United States. For the first year, they are usually very vulnerable, without friends or family here, no resources or public support, and denied the ability to work to support themselves.

 It is the mission of the Colorado Hosting Asylum Network to support Asylum Seekers during this time of extreme vulnerability until they qualify for a work permit and are able to transition to an independent, meaningful life in the United States. We create teams to accompany Asylum Seekers in hospitality and companionship as they journey through the legal process they are a part of. This includes hosting our guests in private homes, financially and materially providing for their initial needs upon release from immigrant detention, connecting them with the larger community and its resources, and emotionally supporting them as they work through their past and look to their future.

Ways to Get Involved:

  • Join a hosting team to support and care for an asylum seeker.
  • Provide gift cards to places like Target or Walmart so the hosted guests can shop for themselves.

For more information, visit or contact Denise Chang at  with questions.


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After a year of construction, Giving Heart is expanding their ministry to include an onsite shower and laundry facility. Would you join Waterstone in raising $20,000 to offset these construction and operating expenses? Any additional funds raised will go towards other facility updates.

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