Joshua Station

Missions & Outreach
Joshua Station is a faith-based community helping families make the transition from homelessness to a healthy, stable living environment.  Since 2001, Joshua Station has provided long-term transformational housing and support for high-risk families with multiple barriers to self-sufficiency.
Resident Volunteering Program

Resident volunteers live at Joshua Station and share community life. They share kitchen and laundry facilities, chores, gatherings, and events. They share their own life stories, hopes, and struggles with fellow residents in mutual friendship. They contribute 10-15 hours per month in relationship-building and service, usually while employed or in school. They are humble, eager learners with open minds and hearts. Rent for resident volunteers is between $400 and $600 per month. 

Community Dinner

Thursday Night Community Dinner is a weekly Joshua Station tradition where volunteers and families join together for a big family meal. Volunteers prepare or purchase food for 50+ individuals, then serve and join in. We have open dinner dates starting in August. 

Service/Learning Opportunities

Can you or your group bring unskilled but care-filled labor for cleaning (interior and exterior), gardening, landscaping, organizing (shed, closets, storage areas), and painting over graffiti in our alley? We can host groups of between 12 and 30 people.

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Contact Kira Leefers, Volunteer & Event Coordinator,  .


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After a year of construction, Giving Heart is expanding their ministry to include an onsite shower and laundry facility. Would you join Waterstone in raising $20,000 to offset these construction and operating expenses? Any additional funds raised will go towards other facility updates.

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