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Our communion team at Waterstone serves about once a month and has the great honor to serve the Lord’s Supper to our attenders at Waterstone. Here at Waterstone we like the symbolism of walking to the Table (station) to receive the elements of Christ, therefore we ask attenders to get up during our worship service to receive their communion elements from one of the stations in the worship center. We are all in need of grace, and there is a beauty in the visual of everyone approaching the table together. So, we encourage the lines, the interaction, and the feeling of a family meal gathering around the table. Are you interested in helping make communion happen? It would be our joy to have you on the team.

Reach out to Emily Deutschman to inquire about how you can help serve today. Or you can fill out the form below.



Not Sure Where to Serve?

We can help you find a place that best suits your gifts and passion. Contact Local Engagement Director, Kylie Watters to get started.



north littleton promise

North Littleton Promise is dedicated to investing in kids and families in the northeast Littleton immigrant community through faith, education, and leadership. They provide after school programs for elementary and middle school aged kids, lead soccer teams and host events for the whole family.

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