The Good News

Series: The Promise of Isaiah

November 12, 2023 | Paul Joslin

The invitation of the Messiah in Jesus is that we can experience change and transformation and freedom from those places in our lives, and it happens through simply surrendering ourselves to Him, but this freedom that Jesus offers, it is not just all He has come to do.  

Jesus did not come simply to liberate us from spiritual oppression or from the death and sin that we find ourselves stuck in. He has a grander mission than that. He actually came to overturn the things in this world that are wrong, to set people free within this world, not just liberation someday, but liberation now.

How do we engage in this liberation? We simply need to follow Jesus where He goes, because when you look at Jesus’ life and ministry, He always ends up going to the places where there are these people called the least, the people that most others would overlook, the people who are on the margins of society, the people who have nothing to offer the rest of the world, the people who are most desperately in need of jubilee.

The intentional effort of proximity and connection can be powerful and transformative. When we journey with those we think need us it can become a reciprocal exchange, where they bring the spirit of Jubilee to us, initiating profound changes in our lives. Following Jesus into these spaces unveils glimpses of the freedom He offers, sparking inner transformation in the process.


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