Reaching and Raising the Next Generation

Series: Flourish

July 10, 2022 | Paul Joslin

Whether you are in the middle of raising your own children, your children are grown, or you are an influence in children's lives, all of us who are in the family of God are called to raise and reach the next generation.


  • Generations - Nate Bargatze: 
  • “The ambassador doesn’t have any authority in and of himself. He has authority only because he represents a king who has authority. Here’s God’s amazing plan. He makes his invisible authority visible by sending visible authority figures as his representatives. This means that every time you exercise authority in the lives of your children, it must be a beautiful picture of the authority of God. In the lives of your children, you are the look of God’s face, you are the touch of his hand, and you are the tone of his voice. You must never exercise authority in an angry, impatient way. You must never exercise authority in an abusive way. You must never exercise authority in a selfish way. Why? Because you have been put into your position as parent to display before your children how beautiful, wise, patient, guiding, protective, rescuing, and forgiving God’s authority is.” Paul David Tripp

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