Nick Lillo's Final Message: Matthew 16

Series: Waterstone Mission

November 19, 2023 | Nick Lillo

Passage: Matthew 16:13-20

In his final message as a Waterstone staff pastor, Nick Lillo articulated three hopes that he has for Waterstone and its future:

  • Hope #1–  That Waterstone will always Keep Jesus as King
  • Hope #2:  That Waterstone will always be a prevailing church
  • Hope #3 - That Waterstone will prevail because we are willing to deny ourselves and practice sacrificial love

May we be a church that pursues others, loves sacrificially, and follows the way of Jesus. King Jesus will build his church and it will prevail through love.


  • Images of Caesarea Philippi

  • Seville Cathedral - According to local oral tradition, the members of the cathedral chapter said: "Let us build a church so beautiful and so grand that those who see it will take us for mad.” 

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