Live for Others: Restore

Series: The Rhythms of Life

January 22, 2023 | Larry Renoe

We interact with God’s bigger story by participating in his plan to flood the world with his presence. We live to see brokenness restored and search for opportunities where our passions and talents intersect with the needs of others to bring about His love, justice, and mercy. The church is called not only to proclaim the good news of Jesus, but also to demonstrate his kingdom as walking previews.


  • Generous Justice, by Tim Keller
  • How do we practice?
    • Give generously, joyfully and sacrificially of your time and resources to the local church, the vulnerable, and worldwide disciple-making efforts.
    • Love mercy by serving others and using your passions, time, and talents to demonstrate God's mercy to the world.
    • Do justice by growing in awareness, action, and advocacy on behalf of the vulnerable.

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