Let Us Reason Together

Series: The Promise of Isaiah

September 17, 2023 | Larry Renoe

Jesus Christ plunged himself into our lives. He took all the threads of his glory in order to thread himself into our lives to save us from falling through. That’s the beauty that will get you out of yourself. When you see what he did for you - he died for you - you love him just because he is beautiful. Grace leads to justice. Moves heart to hands.


  • "Of all the books in the Old Testament, Isaiah is perhaps the richest. Its literary grandeur is unequaled. Its scope is unparalleled. The breadth of its view of God is unmatched. In so many ways it is a book of superlatives. Thus it is no wonder that Isaiah is the most quoted prophet in the New Testament, and along with Psalms and Deuteronomy, one of the most frequently cited of all Old Testament books. Study of it is an opportunity for unending inspiration and challenge [as we] see a God whose holiness is made irresistible by his love." John Oswalt, The Book of Isaiah
  • Nora Ellen Groce, Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language

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