Left Behind?

Series: 2 Thessalonians

August 13, 2023 | Paul Joslin

Do not be shaken: Jesus is in control. Evil will be defeated and destroyed. Easily. The victory is secure. Followers of Jesus are to find our security in God, not in the stability of the world. If our confidence is in anything other than God’s truth, then we will be shaken and disturbed.

Remember, there will always be evil in the world. Things might look worse before they get better, but that doesn’t mean we need to live in rapture anxiety about every single moment of every single day. When things get bad, we don’t have to be shaken—we rest on this truth: when Jesus returns all evil and oppression and death and sin will come to an end. All sad things will come untrue. Jesus will establish his kingdom in full and everything will be made right. Hold fast and remain faithful.


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