Holy, Holy, Holy

Series: The Promise of Isaiah

September 24, 2023 | Paul Joslin

When we talk about encountering God, we sometimes live under the assumption that God is so holy that we need to change to be allowed into his presence. However, the story in Isaiah 6 reveals to us is that God is at work making a way for us to be able to experience and encounter him—that there is actually nothing we can do to earn our way into God’s presence. It's in his grace and in his mercy that God moves towards us so that we can encounter and experience him.

Do we want to encounter God? Will this encounter shift our perspective, transform us and open our hearts to what is he doing in the world?

  • Where do we need to encounter God’s presence?
  • Where do we need to pray for transformation?
  • Where do we need God to open our hearts to what he is doing in the world?

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