Fear of God

May 03, 2021

The first two episodes of this season we addressed fear of death and fear of government corruption –- two types of fear that stem from being afraid. In this episode we’re pivoting and discussing the fear of God. The type of fear that is displayed through reverence and respect. We live in a culture where the name of God is spoken so casually that we could question if most of us have any idea who we speak of when we utter the words, “Oh my God” or “For God’s sake.” These phrases in contrast to the Jewish people of the Bible, who wouldn’t even speak His name might make us wonder, do we understand or make time to contemplate God -- His glory, judgment, and unconditional love? Join us as we discuss the Fear of God with Paul Joslin, Alyssa Frisbie and Larry Renoe.


The Idea of the Holy by Rudolf Otto

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

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