Christ's Heart for the Nations

Series: Gentle & Lowly


God yearns for the lost to be found so He calls his people to action. “Hearts that pray for the lost are hearts that go to the lost.”


  • “What if the abstract [heart of God] became concrete? What if the heart of God wasn’t just something coming down on us from heaven, but something that showed up among us here on earth?” Dane Ortlund, Gentle & Lowly, p.169

  • “The world is starving for a yearning love, a love that remembers instead of forsakes. A love that isn’t tied to our loveliness. A love that gets underneath our messiness. A love that is bigger than the enveloping darkness we might be walking through even today. A love of which even the very best human romance is the faintest of whispers.” Dane Ortlund, Gentle & Lowly, p.168

  • Over the past three years of 2020, 2021, and 2022, our Covid-19 pandemic years, WorldVenture colleagues have reported …17,148 pre-conversion relationships, 2,167 believers’ baptisms, 268 new communities of believers started, and 15,153 leaders being trained. Among 111 Unreached People Groups around the world.

Speaker: Jeff Denlinger

May 21, 2023

Matthew 9:35-38'>Matthew 9:35-38

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