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What should I bring?

Please bring a change of clothes for all children, infants through potty trained, as well as sippy-cups, bottles, and at least two diapers, along with any items from home that would help them feel comfortable (blanket, pacifier, etc). Please remember to label everything.

Check-In at the Kids Info Center

Please check in at the Kids Info Center in the Concourse. You will receive a registration form, name tags for your kids, and directions to their classrooms. After your first visit, we will send you a bar code that you can use for future check ins at the Kids Info Center kiosks.  

Get Connected

Connected at Waterstone is Waterstone's online database that keeps you up-to-date with the latest news and events. 

Join Connected

Kids with Special Needs

We offer a limited program for children with special needs. Often, we provide a one-on-one "buddy" to children who need assistance in the classroom. The buddy program is available during our 9am Sunday morning service. Our goal is to integrate every child but we ask that you contact us before your first visit so we can best serve your child. Please contact Sarah Lloyd for more information.

Parent Involvement

At Waterstone, we believe the primary responsibility lies with parents for instilling faith in their kids. We ask that parents serve in our classrooms on a regular basis as teachers or greeters. Not only do children love to have their parents join them in the rooms, parents reap the indescribable reward of watching their children blossom socially and spiritually in a group setting. Parents are also invited to help with behind-the-scenes tasks throughout the year. For more information about how you can get plugged in, please contact Sarah Lloyd.

Health Policy

Please do not bring your child to church if he/she has any of the following:

  • Any sign of infection
  • Runny nose that is not clear
  • Contagious cough
  • Unexplained rash
  • Fever, vomiting, or diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • Illness requiring an antibiotic that has not been administered long enough to render the illness no longer contagious.