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Hospitality and social distancing seem like polar opposite practices, but in the midst of staying physically distant from those around you, we wanted to help you re-imagine hospitality in this time. This new type of hospitality is love extended. Warmth, friendship, and care that reaches out to others even when our in-person interaction is limited. Below are options to help you think through how to extend love to the individuals in your household, in your neighborhood, in our nation, and in our world.


  • Write a note to each of your family members or create an "encouragement circle" where everyone goes around and says one encouraging thing about each member of the family
  • Ask your family members, roommates, or those close to you "What is one thing I can do to serve you this week?" or "How are you doing?" Be ready to listen and act.
  • Send a letter or video to a parent or grandparent
  • Resist the urge to eat dinner on the go or in front of a screen and have a conversation around the table or call a family member or friend you haven't talked with in a while. Consider asking questions like: 
    • A) How are you doing physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually right now?
    • B) What is something that brought you joy this week?
    • C) What's one of your favorite memories? Will you share the story with me?"


  • Make "bored-bags" and deliver to neighbors with kids at home. You could include things like challenges, coloring pages, recipes and ingredients for homemade play-dough or slime, easy science experiments, games, note cards, etc.
  • Send a care package to someone. This can be a box you assemble, something ordered from an online store delivered to their home, a digital gift card, or something else. Be creative! Think about a possible theme - a game night, spa time, artistic expression, the sky is the limit!
  • Write notes of encouragement and leave them in neighbor's mailboxes. If you are able and looking for ways to help those who can't leave their home, print and fill out this card and deliver it to neighbors who may be in need.

Card Template


  • Serve: We have serving opportunities at Waterstone's Food Pantry and with partner ministries through Joshua Station, and Providence Network, please click here to find out how to get involved.



  • Give to Waterstone: Waterstone is committed to supporting and investing in ministries both within the church and outside it. Click below to donate to our general fund or choose a specific designation.

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Nation and World

  • Go to Waterstone's "Serve Global" page and find a missionary Waterstone supports globally. Pray for the individuals serving around the world and if available, send them a note letting them know you prayed for them!
  • Please check back for more opportunities globally as we become more aware of the needs of our world in this time!

Receive CARe

Waterstone Food Pantry, Thursdays

  • 12-2pm Drop-off: Drop-off food donations and gift cards
  • 2-4pm Pick-up: Pick-up a box of food for your family


Counseling at Discounted Rates

Find a Counselor

Never underestimate the power of prayer. We believe in the power of prayer for every circumstance. We have a team on intercessors who would love to pray for you. Please feel free to send us your prayer request so we can pray on your behalf.

Prayer Request

For all other questions and needs please contact us personally.



Have you taken the opportunity to serve your neighbors during this season? Have you personally experienced acts of kindness from a neighbor or loved one? Share your story with us!

You can also tag us on Instagram: @waterstonecc or Facebook: @waterstonechurch and add the hashtag: #waterstoneathome . We will share your stories on our social platforms!