Joshua Station

Missions & Outreach
Joshua Station is a faith-based community helping families make the transition from homelessness to a healthy, stable living environment.  Since 2001, Joshua Station has provided long-term transformational housing and support for high-risk families with multiple barriers to self-sufficiency.

Joshua Station is currently well stocked on non-perishable items, but are still in need of cooked meals for families. The delivery instructions for the fresh meals are listed on their website.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

We can help you find a place that best suits your gifts and passion. Contact Local Engagement Director, Kylie Watters to get started.



Partnering with local ministries in hopes to propel families forward during a crisis that threatens to set them back.

Join Waterstone in supporting long-time partner ministries that are serving the communities within Denver in practical ways.

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